Accounting Influencers

Accounting Influencers

Accelerate the results of your commercial objectives with some of the world's most influential organisations and individuals in the accounting profession.

The Roundtable

The Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) Global is a high-level international mastermind group for accounting influencers founded and managed jointly by Martin Bissett and Rob Brown. AIR Global has 4 core functions:

1. To create commercial opportunities for its members across countries and cultures.

2. To share accounting intelligence, insight, resources, events and IP on an international level.

3. To support, develop, inspire and challenge its members with their big goals, global projects and business ideas.

4. To increase the quality of advice and support offered to the accounting profession.

£7m +

The combined revenue generated in new business opportunities and client pipeline.


Strategic partnerships, commercial alliances joint ventures and deals.


Personal introductions to accounting firms, networks and other influencers.


Saved hours in wasted time pursuing the wrong people, deals and sales.

The Podcast

Accounting Influencers is a rapidly-growing daily podcast hosted by Martin Bissett and Rob Brown.

The audience is made up of accountants, CPAs and accounting firms as well as those who serve them, sell to them and sell through them.

The podcast features accountancy and fintech news and commentary, practical ‘what works’ tips and expert interviews. The podcast is CPE-accredited, social-media promoted and commercially backed, with 21,000+ listeners in 150 countries, predominantly in the US and UK.

The Accounting Influencers

The Academies

Martin and Rob curate custom skills-based academies for accounting networks and fintech vendors to the profession who want to add premium value to their members, customers and subscribers. The content and approach are based on practical experience over 3 decades, adding millions of new revenue and hundreds of new partners to accounting firms.

Topics cover growth, pricing, leadership, pipeline, client service, and succession. The latest partner is Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) who have underwritten a bespoke academy for their best accounting firm customers, prospects and partners who want to turn six figures of opportunity into seven figures of lifetime income.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities for a custom academy for your firm or have some questions to ask us, please get in touch via the enquiry form here. 

Influencer Marketing

Over the many years that Martin and Rob have served the accounting profession, a large GDPR clean, fully opted-in database has been one of the fruits of their labours. 

Many Accounting Influencers now choose to carefully select appropriate messages to this audience in order to obtain custom research or provide a custom value proposition to them. 

We are selective in our approach and limited to how many of those emails go out each year and they are scheduled many months in advice. 

If you would like to reach over 10,000 esteemed decision-makers within accounting firms with a custom message then let’s have a conversation. 

Find a Speaker

The Accounting Influencers community comprises many of the leading speakers, thinkers and experts in the accounting and fintech world.

Founders Martin Bissett and Rob Brown are engaged by several accounting networks, associations and fintech vendors for advice on curating agendas, assembling steering groups, sourcing conference speakers and professional moderators as well as introducing subject matter experts.

There is no fee for this service. To explore our network of accomplished speakers, best-in-class facilitators and influential experts, please get in touch so we can facilitate an introduction.

Meet Martin Bissett

Martin Bissett

Martin Bissett is the founder of the Bissett Group of companies that provide practice and personal growth communities, content, and continuing education exclusively to the accounting and bookkeeping professions worldwide.

Previously he established a high six-figure consulting firm while serving as a keynote speaker with over 100 one-off and repeat engagements to his name, as well as becoming the most published author on his topics of specialism with 11 books including 1 bestseller.

Since 1998, he has played a major part in working with over 1800 accounting firms in over 40 countries. These projects have led to those firms acquiring over £500m of recurring fees before inflationary increases, referrals and upselling are factored in. He stopped keeping track of this number over 5 years ago. Martin now advises both accounting practitioners and FinTech companies alike, at board level.

Meet Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Rob Brown is a renowned MC, facilitator and chair of virtual and in-person panels, conferences and events globally for the accounting and fintech profession.

Rob is co-founder of the Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) mastermind group and co-hosts the world’s most popular accounting and fintech podcast: Accounting Influencers.

Throughout the pandemic, he chaired 24 virtual panels with leaders of global accounting networks and alliances to discuss the key issues and challenges. Rob is retained by several associations and vendors to chair their events and provide high-level interview content for their communities.

He is the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation (Wiley) and his TEDx talk ‘The Personal Brand of You’ has been viewed 300K times on YouTube.

The Roundtable

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AI Academies

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Accounting Influencers

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