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Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) is a members-only, commercially-focused, high-level international mastermind and door-opening club for those selling to and through accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, practices and networks.

Create Revenue Opportunities in AIR

The Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) is a trusted door-opening club in the accounting and fintech space. Membership gives you valuable market intel on what accountants, firms and networks are buying and why. You accelerate strategic partnerships, create commercial alliances and amplify your brand messages through relationships with fellow vendors, experts and influencers.

AIR has grown organically over the last four years and provides elevated networking opportunities and commercial conversations with fellow influencers, vendors and suppliers to the accounting profession. While there are other communities and influencer groups, AIR gives members a more structured, revenue-focused environment for individuals selling to and through the accounting vertical.

The entry level to the Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) is through our AIR Speed Networking Events as a Free2AIR member. This is free to join and members have access to AIR Speed Networking Events which take place every month plus the AIR Newsletter and the Influencer Test.

Higher, paid levels of AIR membership are available where members can participate in online conversations in Slack, attend monthly meetings, gain access to the influencer vault and can both search and post their details on the influencer database. Members can set up all the 1-1s they like and broker any suitable deals, partnerships and collaborations for no extra cost. Members are also invited to attend special events and have access to special interest groups.

Who is in Free2AIR?

The AIR influencer community includes vendors, leaders, experts, event organizers, consultants, thought leaders, network leaders, association heads, podcasters, mentors, coaches and practitioners in the international world of accounting, finance, bookkeeping and the tech industry that serves them. Here are just some of the brands and organizations represented at our virtual speed networking events in Free2AIR:

Praxity logo
FreeAgent logo
PrimeGlobal 2022
Accountex logo
Grant Thornton
Egian EU
Bernard Robinson & Company
LEA Global
K2 Enterprises
MGI Worldwide
Wolters Kluwer logo
Boomer Consulting

What Our Members Say

"The two-way insight and intelligence is the key driver for me to be part of AIR which you just don't get anywhere else."

Will Farnell Interview

"The best thing about AIR is the trusted relationships that have been built which acts as a real support network in the room."

Carl Reader Interview.1 (1)

What Has AIR Generated for its Members So Far?

AIR is a ‘queue-jumping’ commercially focused door-opening club that exists to share market intelligence, source strategic partnerships and make money for accounting and fintech vendors, influencers, gurus, brands and experts. So far it has generated for its 60+ members:

£53m +

New revenue and customer pipeline


Commercial alliances, partnerships and deals


New commercial opportunities


Saved hours pursuing the wrong people/deals

What are the Benefits of Joining AIR

Lead Generation

Warmer, quicker and smarter ways to engage with busy accountants and their clients
Fill your pipelines and funnels with warmer, quicker and smarter ways to engage with busy accountants, firms and networks.


Achieve targets and commercial goals taking your organisation from strength to strength
Accelerate your commercial goals and hit your sales targets with the right collaborations, partnerships, deals, sponsorships and referrals.

Market Intelligence

Valuable perspective, insights, resources and opportunities via leading vendors and influencers
Gain valuable perspective, commercial insights and industry trends regarding what accountants and firms need and struggle with.

Brand Awareness

Channels, events and high-impact content to penetrate busy accountants
Access new channels, events, sponsorship opportunities and high impact content to get the attention of busy accountants.

Trusted Support

A safe high-level environment for strategic conversations and commercial relationships
Tap into a safe, trusted, and vetted community of fellow influencers who keep secrets and are commercially focused.

Force for Good

Catalysts for improvement, change and encouragement for the accounting profession
Be an effective catalyst for change, improvement, encouragement and advocacy for the accounting profession.

What's Included in Free2AIR?

Entry-level for new AIR members


AIR Speed Networking Events
Online gatherings every month to raise your profile, deepen key relationships and expand your network of accounting and fintech influencers.

AIR Newsletter
A monthly roundup of AIR activities plus key events, podcast interviews, social posts, industry stats and accounting and fintech gossip.

Influencer Test
Take our Influencer Test to discover your impact in the account and fintech world. You'll receive an analysis so you can see how you scored, where you rank and what actions to implement to move forward and make improvements.

Take Your Seat in AIR


Entry-level option one
  • Virtual speed networking events
  • Monthly AIR Newsletter
  • Access to the Influencer Test
  • Fast-track to AIR Global membership

Join our next virtual AIR Speed Networking event in September 2023 

What Our Members Say

"AIR is a safe, trusted environment to build relationships and sound check ideas with honest feedback with those who are in the accounting ecosystem."

"The richness of relationships, accountability, industry intel and knowing who the movers and shakers are in the space has been one of the best things about joining AIR for us."

Join AIR Today

Find out if AIR is a good fit for you.

Free2AIR is free to join and members have access to the AIR Speed Networking Events, the AIR Newsletter and The Influencer Test.

Members, from AIR Global and upwards, can participate in the online conversations, gain access to the influencer vault and can both search and post their details on the influencer database. You can set up all the 1-1s you like and broker any suitable deals, partnerships and collaborations for no extra cost.

Full AIR members also have virtual monthly meetings, attend special events and access to special interest groups.

See here for some of the AIR members. AIR is made up of a variety of experts, vendors and influencers who serve, coach, consult to and train accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, accounting firm owners, accountancy networks, alliances and associations.


They come mostly from the UK, Europe and the US.


All members have communities, lists and connections across the accounting, software and fintech world. Some have podcasts and media channels. Some run big conferences or virtual events. Some have significant social media platforms. Many are award winners and innovators in their field. Many create content and speak on big stages.


All are collaborative, collegiate and relationship oriented. All seek to ‘make the pie bigger’. Most have commercial objectives and all want to be a force for good in the accounting profession.

Potentially, but you hopefully have a healthy attitude to competition. Also, the 70+ members operate in different niches serving different regions and markets, with different business models and different people. So there is room for all to play together.


If you are abundance-minded, you will have abundant opportunities to create strong commercial relationships and differentiate your offering from others. Success also goes to those members who build the best relationships and add value to the group rather than those with the biggest brand, deepest pockets or longest time in AIR.

There are some qualified accountants and CPAs in AIR, but they join because they have strong personal brands and serve the accounting profession beyond their own firm.


AIR members are predominantly the list-owners, audience-holders and stand-out influencers to accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs.

You may already be connected to lots of accounting and fintech people, and so feel you can gain access to your target markets without having to join a door-opening club.


However, AIR members recognise that:


(1) Key personnel shift around

(2) Older ‘big names’ often lose relevance and end up making way to a younger generation of influencers

(3) There are emerging start-ups, influential new players and networking blind spots that you are likely unaware of

(4) AIR cuts corners for you with fast due diligence on what might be for you the wrong events, unsuitable potential partners, false or hyped-up influencers and unreliable vendors

(5) Market intel on what's working and what isn't is always needs updating – AIR tells you before or as it happens.


Bottom line, you don't know everyone. And not all will take your call or answer your email. Sometimes you don't know who you need to talk to.


Finally, AIR gives you the most connected, influential people in one trusted place.

Simply this. Ask yourself ‘what do I need to get from my involvement in AIR for this to be worth my investment and my time?


This could be:

(a) A certain revenue goal

(b) A particular number of new customers, clients or subscribers

(c) A defined number of warm introductions, speaking gigs or podcast guest spots

(d) Something else tangible


Wherever you are going in the accounting and fintech space, AIR will get you there faster. The commercial nature of the group is all about helping members make money, do deals, create partnerships, get traction with busy accountants and raise brand awareness.



If you become an AIR member but do not contribute, participate, build relationships of trust, act with integrity and have a clear metric to measure ROI on your involvement, then you will fail in AIR.


Otherwise, no guarantees or refunds.


This is a trusted, elevated networking community with a very structured, commercial approach to membership.


If you work it, then it’s guaranteed you’ll generate huge ROI, massively expand your personal network and hit any commercial goals.

AIR membership is held by the person rather than the company.


AIR is built on trusted relationships, high integrity people and a willingness to add value. This is different for each person.


For these reasons, you are irreplaceable and membership is not transferrable.


However, special circumstances may arise if:

(a) You are moving into a different role/job/company




(b) Your substitute is working for the same company as you.


Otherwise, your membership ends when your involvement does.

Join our next virtual AIR Speed Networking event in September 2023 

Take Your Seat In AIR

The Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) is your opportunity to accelerate strategic partnerships, create commercial alliances and amplify your brand messages through relationships with fellow vendors, experts and influencers.

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