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What is Accounting Influencers?

Accounting Influencers is a door-opening club and market intel-sharing network of vendors, experts and specialists working in the accounting and fintech sector. Making money and generating leads for software vendors, fintech providers and specialists who sell to and through accountants.

Why Accounting Influencers?


To empower the accountant to improve the lives of their clients both personally and professionally


Develop commercially astute relationships to drive growth, lead generation and revenue


To be able to do business in a safe place to develop trust, exchange value and market share intelligence


Apportioning financial success to make a difference by devoting financially to support good causes

What Our Members Say

"Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) is a trusted environment to share what's going on in the business and to strengthen and deepen business relationships."

The Story

Small Group Beginnings

Accounting Influencers started as a small group who met quarterly in the UK to talk about working with accountants. Some of that group were qualified accounting professionals. Others were a blend of vendors, coaches, consultants, trainers and fintech specialists.

Strong Voices

The group quickly grew with some strong voices and overseas representation, particularly in the US. The membership now includes marketers, network leaders, event organisers, podcasters and influencers all working in the accounting and fintech world. It exists to make money for its members by opening doors, sharing strategic market intelligence and brokering strategic partnerships.

The Network

Accounting Influencers is an unrivalled broadcast network of podcasters, Tik-Tokkers, YouTubers and LinkedIn Livers with a lifetime download reach of 2.9m accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and the ecosystem that serves them.

The Brand

Accounting Influencers holds a database of over 2,000 global accounting and fintech influencers and curates speakers, themes and agendas for events and conferences globally in accounting and fintech. It consults with professional institutes, networks, associations, firms and vendors on a range of media, lead generation, content creation and marketing projects.

Founders of the Accounting Influencers

Meet Rob Brown and Martin Bissett

Rob Brown and Martin Bissett

Rob Brown is a renowned presenter, facilitator and chair of high-level conferences, panels and events globally for the accounting and fintech profession.

He is retained by many professional networks, alliances, associations, practices and vendors to chair their events and provide high-level interview content for their communities.

He is a dynamic speaker and accomplished expert on trust, reputation, employer brand, talent, career development, succession, gen z/generations, executive presence, referrals, networking and winning new business.

He is also the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation (Wiley) and his TEDx talk ‘The Personal Brand of You’ has been viewed 320K times on YouTube.

Martin Bissett is the founder of the Bissett Group of companies that provide practice and personal growth communities, content, and continuing education exclusively to the accounting and bookkeeping professions worldwide.

Previously he established a high six-figure consulting firm while serving as a keynote speaker with over 100 one-off and repeat engagements to his name, as well as becoming the most published author on his topics of specialism with 11 books including 1 bestseller.

Since 1998, he has played a major part in working with over 1800 accounting firms in over 40 countries. These projects have led to those firms acquiring over £500m of recurring fees before inflationary increases, referrals and upselling are factored in. He stopped keeping track of this number over 5 years ago. Martin now advises both accounting practitioners and FinTech companies alike, at board level.

What Our Members Say

"The Accounting Influencers Roundtable is a safe, trusted environment to build relationships and sound check ideas with honest feedback with those who are in the accounting ecosystem."

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