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Accounting Influencers Podcast

Welcome to the Accounting Influencers Podcast, going live every Monday to 150 countries and 30,000 accounting practitioners, fintech specialists and influencers in the accountancy, CPA and bookkeeping space. Description Join...
Paul Barnhurst delves into the art of Financial Planning & Analysis, its strategic significance, and business impact.
Terrell Turner, an accountant turned entrepreneur, shares insights on evolving accounting roles, building influence, and niche specialization.
Jen Cryder discusses empowering CPAs, shaping the future, and fostering collaboration among state societies for the benefit of the profession.
Steven Hoffman discusses accounting's transformation with cloud tech, advisory roles, controllership, and the value of credentials.
Adam Lean empowers accountants to become trusted advisors and breaking free from commoditization.
Okorie Ramsey discusses global board support for accountants, driving innovation, and leveraging technology on the Accounting Influencers Podcast.
Learn about the challenges and risks of losing independence and how to safeguard it, with Randy Johnston.
Growth insights at Accountex 2023 with IRIS. Discover the future of accounting, talent gap challenges, cloud adoption, and strategic partnerships.
Hannah Munro discusses continuous transformation in finance on the Accounting Influencers Podcast, emphasizing technology, process adaptation, and data management.

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