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10 Reasons Why Bots Will Never Replace Accountants

Insights in Accounting Podcast and the powerful role of bots in accountancy and why they will ultimately never replace a human accounting professional.

On behalf of the Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network, this is the “Insights in Accounting” show, going live every Tuesday. This show is about filling in the knowledge gaps in your busy lives as accountants and leaders in practice, plus bookkeepers, finance leaders and the software/fintech industry that serves them. It’s what you missed and you didn’t know you missed, and why it’s important.

Episode 5. In today’s episode, “10 Reasons Why Bots Will Never Replace Accountants.”

Key takeaways from this episode include:

⫸ shout out to Allan Koltin, CEO at Koltin Consulting Group and author of this piece via LinkedIn

⫸ how many younger accountants can speak the language of technology but struggle with the human side of things

⫸ debating how much of the accounting role bots and machine learning can take over doing

⫸ how creativity and problem solving will always put distance between bots and human accounting professionals

⫸ what counting potatoes in warehouse can teach us about the innovation of accountants and auditors

⫸ the call for accountants to be more entrepreneurial in their thinking, and why this needs to be made more prominent by the profession

⫸ what an accountant’s ability to resolve disputes and conflicts does that bots can never do

⫸ the importance of accounting advisors (and not bots) to advance conversations and pick up on nuances in human behavior

⫸ how artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots will have a role in complimenting, not replacing, accountants and advisors

⫸ why there has never been a better time to be an accountant and for them to reach out to their clients proactively

Action: be proactive with your clients to start and advance conversations in a way bots could never do – that’s where the opportunities are.



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