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Career Paths for a Finance Skillset: Chris Goulding

Discover the evolving world of finance careers with Chris Goulding and changing skill sets, leadership paths and the role of technical skills in finance.

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Career Paths for a Finance Skillset: Chris Goulding

Welcome to the Accounting Influencers Podcast, hosted by Rob Brown. In this captivating episode, we’re joined by Chris Goulding, a seasoned professional who embarked on his remarkable career journey in finance at the tender age of 21. With a career spanning over 19 years, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Listen in as Chris shares his unique perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of the accountancy and finance sector. He takes us on a journey through his professional life, starting as a recruiter in the UK and progressing through various directorial roles, culminating in his current role as Managing Director at Wade Macdonald.

Chris delves into the shifting paradigms of finance careers. He discusses how skill sets have evolved in response to changing market dynamics, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Discover why technical skills are no longer the sole focus for aspiring finance leaders and how strategic thinking, business partnering, and analytical abilities are becoming paramount.

We also explore career trajectories in finance, including the path for those outside traditional practice. Chris provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the field, shedding light on the ever-important balance between technical expertise and commercial acumen.

Guest Bio

Chris Goulding is a seasoned professional with over 19 years of experience in the accountancy and finance. As the Managing Director at Wade Macdonald, he brings a wealth of insights into the industry’s changing landscape.

Your Host

Host Rob Brown is a renowned presenter, facilitator, and chair for high-level conferences and events in the accounting and fintech profession worldwide. He’s an expert on trust, reputation, talent, career development, and more. Author of Build Your Reputation and a TEDx speaker with over 300,000 YouTube views: stroke survivor, a committed Christian, and a black belt in kickboxing. Based in Nottingham, UK, he enjoys chess, backgammon, and orange chocolate but is allergic to grapefruit.