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Best Hybrid Work Cultures in Accounting: Luke Fisher

Luke Fisher explains the shift in talent competition, emphasizing the role of culture, leadership, and brand in attracting and retaining employees.

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High-Performing Hybrid Work Cultures in Accounting: Luke Fisher discusses the shift in power from employers to employees and its impact on talent competition. He highlights the importance of organisational culture and employee experience as key differentiators. Luke emphasises the challenge of transforming middle managers into culture champions and the significance of leadership capability. He also discusses the role of the brand in attracting and retaining talent, focusing on intrinsic motivators and creating a great workplace. This episode provides valuable insights for accountants looking to grow their firms by understanding the changing dynamics of talent competition and the importance of culture and employee experience.

Guest Bio

Luke Fisher is the CEO of Mo, an innovative employee engagement platform designed to enhance collaboration, boost morale, reduce employee turnover, and drive organisational change. With Mo’s cutting-edge platform, leaders can cultivate a vibrant team culture by fostering positive habits, encouraging celebrating achievements, recognising outstanding performance, and promoting colleague appreciation. Mo provides a comprehensive toolkit for connecting and motivating employees in the evolving work landscape, whether for any team or specifically for distributed teams. With backing from venture capital, Mo is utilised in 45 countries and supports 12 languages, proudly assisting renowned global brands in creating meaningful employee engagement and enabling them to achieve more collectively.

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