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How Accountants Can Avoid ‘Shiny Tech Syndrome’

How accounting firms can do better due diligence and make better tech decisions when investing in software to avoid the perils of 'shiny tech syndrome.

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Episode 10. In today’s interview, “How Accountants Can Avoid ‘Shiny Tech Syndrome’.”

Key takeaways from this episode include:

❃ shout out to author of this piece Daniel Hood, editor-in-chief of accountingTODAY

❃ what makes it so hard for accounting practitioners and CPA firm leaders to keep up with the rapid tech advances

❃ what a technology driven culture sounds like in an accounting practice

❃ questions an accounting firm leader must ask before investing in particular technology platforms and software

❃ the dangers of silver bullet or magic solution thinking that lures accountants into making poor tech decisions

❃ the three reasons accountancy practices struggle with making good decisions on technology investment

❃ what a ‘business case value assessment looks like for accounting firms looking to invest in tech

❃ the wisdom for accounting firm leaders to consult their staff who will actually use the technology before making big investments

❃ the due diligence required by accounting practice decision makers to overcome the slick sales messages of software vendors



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