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How Accounting Firms Can Stand Out: Harvee Pene

Rob Brown interviews Harvee Pene on how accountants can stand out & tips for accounting firms to communicate the value and impact they create for clients.

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Episode 19. In today’s interview, “How Accounting Firms Can Stand Out: Harvee Pene.”

Harvee Pene is the Founder of Life Changing Accountants, 2x TEDx Speaker & 10x Best Selling Author. He is on a mission to give 1 billion Days of access to food, water, health and sanitation to families in need by 2030, by helping accountants and their clients to TIP 1% of their Time, Income or Profits to help end poverty. Harvee was recognised as ‘One of Ten Outstanding Persons in Australia’ and ‘Australian of the Year (nominee)’ when the TIP 1% giving initiative reached 27+ Million Days of life changing help given to families in need across 16 countries.

You can also watch this interview on YouTube here:

Key takeaways from this episode include:

➼ the ‘tiredness’ in the accounting profession post covid and how accountants can get back to their best

➼ a stroke survivor and cancer survivor share stories of ‘brushes with death’ and questions you ask yourself as a result

➼ bringing meaning and purpose into the accountant conversation to go beyond just a job into legacy and making a difference

➼ the role of ‘impact statements’ to give accountants a tangible measure of the difference they make to their clients

➼ what happens to an accounting firms value proposition when accountants articulate the results they create for clients

➼ where confidence in pricing comes from for accounting professionals

➼ how many accountants miss out on leveraging the many success stories they help their clients create

➼ what the clients of accountants and CPAs are really buying, even if they can’t put it into words

➼ why people buy certainty, which means accountants need to be more persuasive and better communicators of their value

➼ how an accounting practice can really stand out from competitors in a noisy world

➼ the relationship between perceived authority and the ease with which accountants can differentiate

➼ why authors command authority and how accountants can leverage their expertise in written format to build credibility

➼ the value accountants sit on with their years of expertise and experience, and why much of it is wasted

➼ how accountants can overcome the negative mindset that they don’t have anything to write, talk about or be seen as an expert on

➼ top tips for accountants who want to stand out for what they do in a competitive marketplace

Out of work hours, Harvee loves traveling, gardening & cooking. Being vegetarian, cooking is his happy place, as is enjoying a good gin! Now being a dad to two girls Havana and Mali & currently studying medicine, he doesn’t get to travel as much as he’d like to, so makes the most of exploring with the family all the local gems and beaches, being located on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia.


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