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How Trust Is Built in Today’s Best Accounting Firms

Is trust the missing element in your organization? How can you close the trust gap between leaders and employees?

Rob Brown speaks with Cory Sheer, author of “Closing the Trust Gap,” about the pervasive challenge of distrust in organizations and how to build trust through both people and policies. Sheer discusses the multiple types of trust gaps that exist, including between leaders and frontline employees, and within organizational practices. He emphasizes that trust is a vital currency for companies that impacts productivity, retention, profitability and customer experience.

Sheer explains that trust must be built not just through interpersonal relationships, but also through trustworthy policies and practices. He outlines three key building blocks of trust – competency, problem-solving, and care for others – that should be applied to both people and organizational systems.

The conversation explores how to create a culture of trust through open dialogue, iterative policy creation, and inviting employees to help co-create solutions. Sheer provides practical advice for leaders on assessing and improving trust within their organizations.

Key Takeaways:

– There is on average a 31% gap in trust between leaders and frontline employees across industries

– 51% of employees do not have a high level of trust for their leaders

– Trust must be built through both people and policies/practices in an organization

– The three building blocks of trust are competency, problem-solving, and care for others

– Regular evaluation and iteration of policies is crucial for maintaining trust


“Trust is a vital currency that we need to grow in our companies.”

“Trust is something that Stephen Baradel calls an actionable asset. It is an actionable asset that you can take action on in order to strengthen and improve.”

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