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Office Mandates vs. Remote Work: What’s Next in Accounting?

Is the traditional office becoming obsolete for accounting firms? Are we witnessing the death of remote work, or is the push to return to the office shortsighted?

Rob Brown digs deep into the contentious issue of returning to the office in the accounting industry. He explores the rationale behind companies pushing for a return to in-person work, examining the belief that physical presence enhances collaboration, creativity, and company culture. Rob challenges these notions, highlighting the importance of flexibility and employee preferences in today’s evolving workplace.

This episode offers valuable insights for both accounting firm leaders and professionals facing pressure to return to the office. Rob provides practical advice on how to navigate this transition, emphasizing the need for open dialogue, compromise, and a focus on outcomes rather than physical presence. He also discusses the importance of investing in remote work technology and support, as well as the need for accounting professionals to communicate their value and propose solutions that benefit both themselves and their firms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Companies are pushing for a return to the office, citing benefits like improved collaboration and culture
  • Open dialogue with employees is crucial before implementing return-to-office mandates 
  • Flexibility is key – consider hybrid models and staggered schedules 
  • Focus on outcomes and results rather than physical presence 
  • Accounting professionals should communicate their value and propose solutions when facing pressure to return 


“Without your physical or mental health, nothing else in life has much flavor.”

“Invest in your skills, keep them updated… regardless of where you work, your skills keep you relevant.”

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