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Recognising Talent: Top 50 Women in Accounting Awards

Ami Copeland, CEO of ICB, discusses empowering bookkeepers, supporting a unique community, and the importance of authentic leadership.

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Talent Recognition: Top 50 Women in Accounting Award: Ami Copeland is the CEO of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). ICB is a unique governing body dedicated to bookkeepers, offering an alternative career path in accounting. With 78% of its members being women, ICB has created a warm and supportive community. Ami discusses the empowerment of bookkeepers and their importance in businesses. As a visionary leader, she focuses on raising ICB’s profile, providing ongoing support to members, and empowering them to offer valuable advisory services to clients. Ami shares her journey as CEO, overcoming imposter syndrome and embracing her authentic leadership style.

Guest Bio

Ami Copeland is a passionate advocate empowering individuals to pursue their passions and achieve their ambitions. As part of her role at ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers), she is dedicated to upskilling people, helping them secure fulfilling employment or establish their successful businesses to contribute to the growth of the UK’s and the world’s SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

Recognising the transformative power of bookkeeping, Ami takes immense pride in the fact that 78% of ICB’s members are women. Their collective efforts play a crucial role in boosting British businesses and facilitating mothers’ re-entry into the workforce, positively impacting lives, businesses, and entire economies. Ami’s commitment to supporting and enabling others reflects her strong belief in the potential of individuals to make a meaningful difference in the professional world.

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Author of Build Your Reputation and a TEDx speaker with over 300,000 YouTube views: stroke survivor, a committed Christian, and a black belt in kickboxing. Based in Nottingham, UK, he enjoys chess, backgammon, and orange chocolate but is allergic to grapefruit.

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