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The 2023 Growth Outlook for CPA Firms Survey: Bonus

Rob Brown and Sarah Dobek discuss effective growth and marketing strategies for accounting practices and the 2023 Growth Outlook for CPA Firms Survey.

This is a special bonus episode to discuss the Survey to Explore the Growth Outlook for CPA Firms in 2023. Hear Rob Brown interview Sarah Johnson Dobek, president and founder of Inovautus, a national consulting firm that develops strategies, programs, and training designed to help accounting firms grow faster and in the right direction.

To take part in the survey and get the results for free, go to before Nov 11 2022 when it closes.

In this bonus show, we discuss:

⫸ why it’s both exciting and tough to be in an accounting practice right now

⫸ why growth is not very strategic for accounting firms as many grow in the wrong way with the wrong kind of work

⫸ the origins of the Growth Outlook Survey for accountancy practices to see how they were responding the pandemic

⫸ comments on the massive investment into technology for accounting firms, for good and for bad

⫸ how the survey informs strategy for pricing, sales, growth, marketing, client experience, tech stacks, recruitment and what is really working for accounting firms

⫸ what makes growth more about mindset and strategy than numbers, lead gen and revenue for accountants

⫸ comparing this survey to other benchmarking studies in the accounting and fintech space

⫸ shout out to Nicole Sterling and the excellent AAM (Association of Accounting Marketing) at

⫸ what none of the accounting and fintech surveys are touching, and why the 2023 Growth Outlook for CPA Firms Survey is different

⫸ how best practice is hard to define in today’s challenging world for accountants and CPAs

⫸ how diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and accessibility are affecting accountancy practices in the area of growth

⫸ why accounting firms become extinct and the changing landscape of the working population

⫸ the challenges involved in research that is representative of a very diverse accounting profession and different firm sizes

⫸ how marketing professionals in accounting firms are becoming increasingly strategic in supporting firm growth

⫸ the key challenges that accounting practices face in differentiating themselves to drive growth and recruitment

⫸ key questions accountancy firm leaders should be asking themselves in considering the different ways to grow

⫸ what accountancy practices get wrong when it comes to building brand awareness and driving growth

⫸ why there is much less room for error in getting the right growth strategies for accounting firms, and why some may not make it

⫸ to take part in the survey and get the results for free, go to before Nov 11 2022 when it closes.

⫸ why accounting professionals should take this survey and stay informed rather than just hoping you’re doing the right thing

You can also watch a video of this episode on Youtube here:

Sarah and her team work with firms to assess their growth goals and execute practical marketing and business development plans. With her unique background in operations, human resources, practice management, and marketing, Sarah delivers insightful, practical advice that guides organizations down the right path toward achieving the growth they desire. Sarah’s ability to understand where an organization is starting from, coupled with her disciplined approach to best practices, drives results for firms and helps them to evolve.

When she’s not in the office, you can find Sarah skiing, camping, golfing, hiking or just enjoying her backyard with her husband, dog and 2 children.

Twitter: sarah_johnson28


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