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The Challenges Undermining a Career in Accounting

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In this episode, Jen Cryder, the CEO of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA), shares her journey from an English major to a successful career in accounting. Representing around 20,000 accounting and finance professionals in Pennsylvania, PICPA serves as a unique state society dedicated to empowering bookkeepers and CPAs alike. Jen emphasizes the importance of diversity within the profession, where PICPA’s membership includes college and high school students exploring accounting careers, practitioners in public accounting firms, and educators in corporate finance. With a strong focus on shaping the future of the profession, Jen discusses the challenges and opportunities of staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of accounting, driven by technology, changing standards, and human capital needs. Collaboration among state societies and stakeholders becomes paramount as they work together to address common challenges and share innovative solutions.

Jen Cryder is a trailblazing leader serving as the CEO of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). As a CPA with practical experience, she brings a valuable perspective to her role, adeptly solving problems and creating opportunities to benefit PICPA’s members. Jen’s leadership is characterized by transparency, integrity, and a diverse skill set that spans Finance, Accounting, M&A, Operations, Business Development, Change Management, Stakeholder Relations, and Nonprofit Organization Management. With a keen understanding of the evolving landscape of technology and capital markets, Jen navigates as an agile and collaborative executive, addressing disruptions and prioritizing the growth of the organization. She places equal emphasis on empowering diverse teams, ensuring all individuals have access to professional development opportunities to achieve their goals. Committed to member value, Jen fosters strong connections and engagement to tailor PICPA’s programs, products, and services accordingly. Notably, as the first female CEO in PICPA’s 125-year history, Jen is dedicated to honoring the organization’s legacy while strategically shaping the future of accounting and finance with an unwavering focus on member success.

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