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Understanding the Needs of Your Accounting Talent

Discover talent management and development insights with Robyn Clark of WinningWise with strategies for building a positive culture and career growth.

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Understanding the Needs of Your Accounting Talent with Robyn Clark

Rob Brown welcomes Robyn Clark, the founder of WinningWise, an HR/Talent Management company, to share her expertise and insights on talent management and organisational success.

With over 30 years of experience working with renowned companies such as L’Oreal and the Federal Reserve Bank, Robyn brings a wealth of knowledge in designing and delivering solutions in talent management. In this episode, Robyn will delve into various topics essential for organisations and individuals.

From an organisational perspective, Robyn will discuss the importance of succession planning and how to grow a strong bench of talented individuals within a company. She will shed light on employees’ evolving needs and what people seek in their professional lives today. Furthermore, Robyn will emphasise the significance of building a positive organisational culture and why it matters for long-term success.

Switching gears to an individual perspective, Robyn will provide valuable insights on how employees can navigate their career growth effectively.

Listeners will gain practical advice on securing promotions, obtaining more rewards, and taking charge of their career trajectories. Robyn will also address the challenges that arise when disagreements occur and share strategies to align with one’s boss for greater harmony and success.

Guest Bio

Robyn Clark is the Founder and President of WinningWise, Inc., a company dedicated to developing leadership and driving sustainable change and growth. With over 30 years of experience in talent management, transformational change, and culture building, Robyn brings energy, positivity, and innovative thinking to her work. She has worked with top-tier organisations such as The Federal Reserve Bank, L’Oreal, and Discover Financial Services, helping leaders and teams achieve new outcomes. Robyn’s exceptional facilitation skills, commitment to learning, and personal investment in her clients’ success make her a trusted partner in driving individual and organisational capability.

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Your Host

Host Rob Brown is a renowned presenter, facilitator, and chair for high-level conferences and events in the accounting and fintech profession worldwide. He’s an expert on trust, reputation, talent, career development, and more.

Author of Build Your Reputation and a TEDx speaker with over 300,000 YouTube views: stroke survivor, a committed Christian, and a black belt in kickboxing. Based in Nottingham, UK, he enjoys chess, backgammon, and orange chocolate but is allergic to grapefruit.

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