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Leading in a People First Culture: Xero’s Jen Surtees

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What a People-First Culture Means for Today’s Leaders: Jen Surtees discusses the importance of a people-led culture and how it aligns with the brand. She emphasises the need for intentionality in creating a culture where employees feel valued and can connect with the company’s purpose and values. She encourages businesses to identify their unique selling points, define their purpose, and use values to guide policies and leadership decisions. Building a culture where people can thrive involves focusing on human connections, autonomy, and fair treatment, all contributing to a motivated and inspired workforce.

Guest Bio

Jen Surtees is the Director of People Experience (UK & EMEA) at Xero, with extensive experience in coaching and a passion for supporting individuals to be their best selves at work. Jen designs recruitment, development, and cultural programs for businesses that prioritize people at heart. She thoroughly researched the psychological conditions that foster high-performing teams and a sense of belonging, resulting in strong team cultures. Jen works at Xero, ensuring the company provides every employee with a world-class and inclusive experience. She creates an environment where employees can believe, belong and flourish. Under her leadership, Xero has been named the 5th Best Workplace in Tech and the 2nd Best Workplace for Women in the UK Large Business Category. Jen loves the great outdoors and recently moved with her husband and daughter to the coast, where they enjoy spending time outdoors and experiencing nature.

Your Host

Host Rob Brown is a renowned presenter, facilitator, and chair for high-level conferences and events in the accounting and fintech profession worldwide. He’s an expert on trust, reputation, talent, career development, and more.

Author of Build Your Reputation and a TEDx speaker with over 300,000 YouTube views: stroke survivor, a committed Christian, and a black belt in kickboxing. Based in Nottingham, UK, he enjoys chess, backgammon, and orange chocolate but is allergic to grapefruit.

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