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Podcast FAQs

For our podcast guest, we have put together a collection of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. We want you to have the best experience possible and be as prepared as possible. If you have a question not covered here, then please let Rob Brown know.

We use Zoom to create a digital recording of the conversation. You will receive the link in advance and need a headset and microphone attached to your computer, laptop or PC.

Yes, we record video and audio. The interview goes onto YouTube in video format and all the podcast platforms in audio format. Please make sure you have a microphone available too.

If you need help setting up please let us know or call on the expertise of your IT team or someone who can support you with this. We can allow a little extra time at the beginning of the interview to ensure you are comfortable with everything.

You will have already discussed potential themes and topics with show host Rob Brown. Amanda, on our team, will have sent you an overview of the show, with some interview tips plus possible questions we will ask you. As a guide, we ask guests for 8-10 questions that Rob can ask you that play to your strengths and expertise.

The interview will last approximately 25 minutes with a quick chat at the end, lasting no more than 30 minutes overall, unless your answers to the questions are lengthy.

No, it is advisable to be in a quiet room with a good internet connection for the interview.

Your interview will be published 6-10 weeks following the recording session. We edit out a few of the fluffy bits and add the professional intros and outros. Then we create 'show notes' and set up your episode page with your bio, photo and artwork.

The more you promote the show to your following, audience, network or presence, the more people will hear or watch your performance. We will provide you with the artwork for your episode so you can share it with via your preferred marketing channels.

Yes, we are happy to send you the final edit before it goes live on request. Just let Rob know at the end of your interview.

You can go into as much detail as you wish but questions tend to be more general in nature.

Each episode features an interview with an accounting influencer. Our audience appreciates insights on leadership, trust, performance, differentiation, employer brand, values, vision, strategy, talent, skills development, industry trends, growth, marketing, communication, succession, recruitment, retention, culture, M&A, business models, pricing, digitisation, winning clients, advisory, career development, gen z/millennials, ESG, DEI, CSR, CPE and CPD, professionalism, future-proofing, business acumen, commercial awareness, drivers of change and disruption, behaviours and demands of businesses requiring pivots and services from accountants, strategies of technology and software vendors in serving accountants, influence or role of regulatory bodies, professional associations and accounting institutes.


We are also open to your suggestions that are not in the above list.

The honest answer is that we do not know for sure. Podcast statistics are notoriously hard to pinpoint given that people listen on such a variety of different platforms. Currently, have 31,000 unique listeners with an average of 10,000 downloads a month. We believe this audience is made up of the following:


  • 80% UK and 20% USA, Australia and New Zealand
  • 80% millennials, 20% baby boomers
  • 80% accountants 20% non-accountants (vendors, experts, coaches, gurus, consultants, tech etc)
  • Of accountants: 90% in firms, 5% in industry and 5% are accounting students
  • Of accountants in firms: 80% below partner level 20% partners, leaders or owners, PLUS 80% in top 100 firms and 20% in smaller firms

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If you have a question that is not answered here then please get in touch with Rob Brown who will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need. 

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