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2021 Year End Review for the Global Accountancy Profession

Episode 82. In today’s news episode, Martin Bissett bring the report card for accounting in “2021 Year End Review for the Global Accountancy Profession”

Key takeaways from this episode include:

★ what an assessment of the accounting and fintech world might look like as a report card

★ how confidence and hope came back to start 2021 with opening up of F2F events and lifting of some restrictions in accounting

★ how Covid brought accountants closer to their clients to know what they really needed, implying they weren’t so close before

★ forecasts for the accountant-client relationship and the role fintech and software vendors play in that

★ why accountants should be in no doubt that they are still the trusted advisor for businesses, but not for long if some powerful vendors have their way

★ why so many accounting firms who make great plans and have great ideas fail to execute them

★ the impact of private equity money and consolidation of accounting firms in commercialising the profession

★ the challenge for accounting firms and their leaders in choosing who they will be for their clients and staff

★ the overall grade for accounting based on effort, diligence and proactivity


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