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A Strong Message to Accountants & Bookkeepers from Ron Saharyan (Uncut)

On today’s bonus UNCUT episode, “A Strong Message to Accountants & Bookkeepers from Ron Saharyan”.

Ron started Profit First Professionals in 2014 with Mike Michalowicz and has since certified hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers worldwide in the Profit First methodology. An expert in sales processes/systems, hiring, scaling, and operations, Ron is responsible for ensuring that all employees and members of Profit First Professionals have all the right resources, training, accountability, systems and process to achieve their goals.

Key takeaways from the full uncut interview include:

◆ The two reasons why accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs come to Profit First Professionals

◆ Why almost everyone in the accounting world feels tired, stressed and ‘beat up’ in these challenging times

◆ The main reasons why accountants are so busy and even overwhelmed (some of which are actually their fault)

◆ What strategic accounting firms do with clients they really don’t want, and what they are replacing them with

◆ The so-called ‘badge of honor’ some accountants wear in working 70 hours a week, and pretending they are successful

◆ Whether the accounting calendar with tax seasons, busy periods etc is actually ‘fit for purpose’

◆ Pushing back on the common accountant’s phrase ‘we have to clean up your books’ and what to substitute if with

◆ The different types of advisory work that accountants and CPAs can do for their business clients

◆ The importance of an ownership mentality in accounting firms to give employees a real sense of purpose

◆ Thoughts on solving the talent shortage in the accountancy profession and how firms can retain their best people

◆ A clearer definition of the word ‘profit’ and the many benefits accountants can offer their clients by understanding it properly

◆ Why it’s vital accountancy professionals move away from compliance and think more entrepreneurially for their clients

◆ What being agile and adaptable looks like for both accountants and the businesses they serve

◆ The warning signs of accounting firms becoming too comfortable or even complacent in their position

◆ What a business owner should look for in choosing their accounting advisors wisely

◆ The real problem with customization and personalization in accounting services, for instance with ‘customized workflow’

◆ Advice for frustrated accountants working in larger professional firms who perhaps don’t have the power or influence to drive change

◆ What challenges or red flags an accounting practice might exhibit that would warrant a conversation with Profit First Professionals

◆ Simple wisdom for living a life of purpose and integrity in the business world

◆ A message of hope – what good things are coming up for accountants and bookkeepers over the next year or two

◆ Why accounting fees will rise due to the increased value accountants and CPAs are creating for their clients

◆ What some accounting practices have got wrong with their clients during the Covid pandemic

◆ A top tip for accountants feeling the heavy burden of doing too much for their clients and not necessarily being appreciated.

Ron is also known as “Obie Ron” throughout out Profit First Professionals for his business acumen is an avid collector of sports memorabilia. (borderline hoarder). When he is not out searching for elusive 1911 Ty Cobb Cards, Ron can be seen wrenching on his 1973 Jaguar E-Type V12 or racing around in his 911 4S. He is married with a daughter living in New Jersey USA.

Profit First site

Ron on LinkedIn


This is a full-length interview (usually 20-30 mins long) from which the highlights show earlier in the week was taken. You can listen to this on a previous episode.

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