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Accountants – Make Good Clients Great: Susan Bryant

In this expert interview with Susan Bryant, we take a look at how to make good clients, great and the number one reason accountants under-value themselves and their knowledge.

Episode 103. In today’s interview, “Accountants – Make Good Clients Great: Susan Bryant.”

Susan Bryant is a CPA with a vision to help business owners achieve their dreams. She has been voted Top 50 Women in Accounting and works with the MB Group leading lead the Accounting Services team. Her favourite roles are being the architect of accounting processes, an M&A advisor and a tax strategist. Susan’s passion is transforming the lives of business owners by bringing order to the finance function and alleviating stress around taxes through proper and timely planning.

★ how accountants can transform companies by professionalising the finance function

★ a formula that accountants can follow to increase value for their business clients

★ how most business owners have a poor grasp of accounting and actually do not want to get involved in the numbers

★ what happens when business owners and entrepreneurs neglect solid accounting and financial advice

★ why tax planning as a core service is so vital for accountants and why must convince their clients to invest in it

★ the problems in expecting accountants and CPAs to be future-oriented

★ the number one reason accountants under-value themselves and their knowledge

★ valuable tips to help accountants justify the prices they charge for their services

★ the importance for accountants to educate clients on how they price, work and measure results

★ why successful accounting is 90% communication when creating a strong client experience

★ what prevents accountants from communicating properly to their clients and the problems this creates

★ the single biggest reason accounting firms should standardise processes and create standard operating procedures (systems)

★ what makes onboarding such a critical but intensive process for accountancy practices

★ why running an accounting practice or CPA firm should be viewed as running a regular business vz a professional services firm

★ what accountants should do to educate their clients and make them better to work with

★ why some accountants get pushed around by their business clients

★ what accountants and CPAs should do with clients who do not conform to their ways of working

★ why ‘honest conversations with clients’ are tough for accountants and how they can develop the courage to have them

★ effective tips to help accounting practices recruit better people

Outside work, you’ll find Susan whipping up new dishes in the kitchen, shopping at the mall with her teenage daughters, planning (in excruciating accountant-like detail) her next vacation and, if it’s Christmas-time, glued to the Hallmark Channel.


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