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Accountex 2023 review – The World’s Biggest Event?

Rob & Martin interview Caroline Hobden after the record-breaking Accountex event with over 10,000+ attendees and the excitement for future shows.


In this special episode of the Accounting Influencers Podcast, host Rob Brown and co-host Martin Bissett are joined by Caroline Hobden, the head of the team behind Accountex, one of the world’s biggest shows in the accounting industry. They discuss the tremendous success of the recent Accountex event, with a record-breaking 20% increase in floor space and over 10,000 attendees. Caroline attributes their achievements to her team’s hard work and relentless marketing efforts.

She discusses the international appeal of Accountex, with attendees from around the world, and the excitement surrounding future events. Overall, the episode offers a glimpse into the incredible buzz and energy of Accountex and sets the stage for its future endeavours.


Guest Bio

Caroline Hobden is a highly experienced professional in event organization and management. She oversees the globally recognized Accountex brand, including Accountex London, Accountex Summit Manchester, Accounting Insight News, and the Accountex Webinar Programme. With over 20 years of experience, Caroline has successfully launched exhibitions, e-newsletters, and curated complex programs with multiple streams and speakers. She is known for her passion and expertise in sales and sponsorship management, conference producing, research, business development, and delegate sales.

Caroline is dedicated to providing valuable opportunities for professionals in the accounting and finance industry to grow their practices and connect with industry experts.