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Accounting Leadership in Tough Times: John Fenton

In this episode, John Fenton offers valuable insights into effective leadership strategies for accountants looking to grow their firms.

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In today’s episode, “Accounting Leadership in Tough Times”, John Fenton speaks with host Rob Brown about his experience as a managing partner at BDO and his passion for leadership. Fenton draws upon his background in athletics, particularly in football and martial arts, to emphasise the importance of mindset, self-awareness, and intentionality of ineffective leadership. He stresses the need for leaders to take a step back, breathe deeply, and create white space on their calendars to centre themselves, make better decisions, and build deeper relationships with their employees and clients.

Fenton also touches on the power of active listening and focusing on what is most important. He believes that allowing oneself to be more centred leads to deeper, more meaningful relationships with employees and clients. Fenton also shares his personal experience with goal setting and how it changed his life, motivating him to work towards achieving his potential as an athlete and ultimately leading him to a successful career in accounting. This episode offers valuable insights into effective leadership strategies for accountants looking to grow their firms.

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John Fenton is a seasoned executive coach, speaker, and author who specializes in helping leaders navigate tough and complex situations. With a black belt in tai chi and over two decades of experience as a managing partner at BDO USA, John brings a unique perspective to leadership development.

As the founder of John J Fenton Executive Coaching, John has worked with diverse leaders, from managing partners at professional firms to board executives and CEOs. He understands the inner game of leadership, and his methodology focuses on developing the mindset, purpose, and culture necessary for success in today’s rapidly changing world.

John also authorises the best-selling book 5 Minute MasteryTM, which provides practical advice and strategies for leaders who want clarity and more freedom. He is an award-winning speaker on executive leadership excellence, having spoken at conferences and events worldwide.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, John is a heart attack survivor and a strong advocate for well-being in the workplace. He is passionate about helping leaders overcome imposter syndrome, manage to overwhelm, and develop emotional intelligence.

John’s three special topics are leading in challenging times, winning the talent battle, and the top five challenges for modern-day leaders. In his work, he emphasises the importance of purpose, culture, diversity, equity, and trust and provides actionable insights for leaders who want to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

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