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Accounting Qualifications – Do Clients Really Care You Are FCCA or CPA?

Episode 72. In today’s news episode, the Accounting Influencers Podcast asks whether clients care about accounting qualifications like FCCA or CPA, or they prefer certifications in software.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

▶ Asking if and why accountants might lose a potential new client to an unqualified professional

▶ Why a business owners may prefer accountancy support from someone certified in certain software or apps than a qualified CPA

▶ Accountants – when was the last time a potential client factored in your accountancy qualifications as part of their decision to hire you?

▶ Do business clients do any due diligence or research on the credentials of their accounting advisors?

▶ What might happen if general ledger companies and software vendors decide to designate their own professional qualification alongside the accounting ones

▶ What might be the purpose of accounting qualifications of clients themselves don’t ask about them or care about them

▶ Whether qualifications in an accounting software package might become more relevant to the buyer than a professional accountancy designation

▶ Who cares most about accounting qualifications (it’s not the client!)

▶ The advertising and marketing plays by software vendors to bypass the accountant in reaching the client

▶ Why clients don’t care how hard an accountancy degree is or how long a CPA studies to become a professional

▶ What accounting clients actually care about if it’s not qualifications

▶ The perceived power of ‘certified partner’ or ‘gold partner’ etc with software certifications

▶ Why many accountants see letters after their name and professional qualifications as a comfort blanket and career tool


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