Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Advisory – 50 years of Wasted Opportunities for Accountants

Episode 19. The Accountants Influencers Podcast with Rob Brown & Martin Bissett on the tragic lost revenues of accounting firms from being too reliant on compliance.

Key shownotes from the whole interview include:

➯ Why so few accounting firms have been able to monetise advisory services

➯ Whether many accountancy practices remain stuck in the compliance trap

➯ How accountants fail to add value by prevaricating on positioning and delivering advisory work

➯ How accounting clients remain uneducated on the value and services their accountant can offer

➯ What happens to accountants and firms who don’t embrace additional services to mere compliance

➯ Is your accounting firm full of compliance based deadline chasers or a commercial business intent on growing and serving clients?

➯ Where is your accountancy practice on the scale of ‘order taker’ to ‘trusted advisor’?

➯ How an accounting firm identity is dictated by the culture/strategy set by owners and managing partners

➯ Why referrals are actually a poor source of new work for some accountants

➯ Why it’s vital that accountants help clients understand what value and improvement looks like in their business

➯ What clients really pay their accountants and business advisors for

➯ What accounting professionals actually need and don’t need to master advisory services


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