Accounting Influencers Roundtable


The Power of Key Performance Indicators for Accountants

Bernie Smith shares critical insights on KPIs or Key Performance Indicators for accountants to Accounting Influencers podcast show host Rob Brown.

Bernie Smith coaches businesses to develop meaningful KPIs and present their management information in the clearest possible way to support good decision making. Frustrated by the random way in which performance measures are often chosen and implemented, Bernie set up Made to Measure KPIs in 2007. He has since authored author of 19 KPI books to share simple, structured and repeatable ways to create KPIs that normal humans could design and use to improve businesses. Selected shownotes:

  • What a KPI or key performance specialist actually does
  • The benefits of KPIs for accounting firms and the business clients they serve
  • The power of KPIs to support business clients with advisory services
  • Shout out to The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande and how checklists make KPIs more accessible
  • The importance of KPIs to breakdown and execute strategic objectives
  • The challenges and best practice tips for measuring intangible objectives like culture and client engagement
  • Top tips to gain buy-in for KPI thinking with the clients of or the staff in an accounting firm
  • How visual dashboards can show how KPIs are working and the mistakes accountants make with dashboards
  • Why traffic light approached to KPIs do not work and why they should be avoided
  • The similarities and differences between covid stats and business KPIs
  • Why KPIs are only as good as the data they are based on
  • How personal or health KPIs can help professionals with work life balance and wellbeing
  • The role of micro-habits and small KPIs in bringing about larger scale change
  • How accountants can add value to their clients by delivering content (workshops, webinars) on KPIs
  • A great KPI example around ‘lifetime value of activity’ which can really move the dial
  • A great KPI example that drives client loyalty and engagement.

Bernie Smith on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Using the experience (and scars) of working with a huge variety of organisations over his consulting career, spanning banking (HSBC, Credit Suisse, UBS), aerospace (Airbus, AirTanker, Leonardo), and even cheesemaking, Bernie has boiled that experience down into simple, sensible and practical advice on performance measurement. When not working, Bernie is a keen hill walker, photographer and technology enthusiast. At any given point he has at least half a dozen over-ambitious and incomplete technology projects on the go. Contact him here:

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