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Better Content Creation in Accounting: Nick Huber

Nick Huber shares valuable tips to unleash the power of thought leadership and content marketing for accounting firms.

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In this episode of the Accounting Influencers Podcast hosted by Rob Brown, guest Nick Huber shares valuable insights on thought leadership and content marketing for accounting firms aiming to grow their businesses. Nick, an experienced journalist and content consultant, emphasizes the importance of thought leadership as a powerful marketing tool for promoting brand authority and generating sales leads.

Nick discusses his background as a journalist, including his early experiences reporting on the accountancy sector. He highlights the transition of accounting firms from traditional audit-focused services to positioning themselves as management consultancies. He notes the media profile of top accounting firms and their adeptness in media relations and content creation.

The conversation delves into the trends that have shaped the content landscape in recent years, such as the rise of cloud computing, analytics, blockchain, and AI. Nick emphasizes the growing influence of big tech companies and the increasing integration of technology in our lives. He highlights the significance of smartphones in driving this transformation.

Regarding content creation, Nick explains various forms of content, including social media posts, blogs, and white papers. He provides insights into white papers as a combination of journalism, marketing, and advertising, offering in-depth analysis on specific subjects while maintaining impartiality.

When asked about accounting firms and their approach to thought leadership, Nick expresses his observation that many accounting firms, particularly smaller and medium-sized ones, often fall short in producing high-quality content. He mentions a lack of contact details for press officers on their websites, hindering media relations. He also notes that some firms’ content may come across as generic or disguised sales pitches, lacking the depth and uniqueness necessary for effective thought leadership.

Throughout the episode, Nick stresses the importance of understanding the value of content marketing and thought leadership for accounting firms. He highlights the potential benefits in terms of brand awareness, business growth, and increased sales. By providing valuable and insightful content, accounting firms can position themselves as industry leaders and attract potential clients.

Overall, this episode provides accountants with practical insights and tips on leveraging thought leadership and content marketing to drive their firms’ growth and success.

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Guest Bio

Nick Huber is an experienced freelance business journalist and content consultant specializing in business technology and the accountancy sector. With a career spanning 25 years, he has reported for renowned media organizations like the BBC, Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and trade magazines such as Accountancy Age and Accounting WEB. Nick helps companies grow their brand through thought leadership content and has worked with accounting firms, start-ups, and Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies. He can provide insights on thought leadership, content marketing for accounting firms, common mistakes to avoid, content improvement strategies with limited resources, the role of AI in thought leadership, and improving media coverage for accounting firms.


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