Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Case Study – Carl Reader: “Practice Ignition Changed My Practice” (Highlights)

Episode 48. On today’s show, the Accounting Influencers Podcast interviews Carl Reader on how Practice Ignition changed his firm’s approach to debtors and work in progress (WIP).

Carl Reader is chairman at multi-award winning firm d&t and Head of Accounting (EMEA) at Practice Ignition. He is Chair of the Practitioner Panel at ACCA and the author of the business book BOSS IT. Carl is widely recognised as a thought leader in the accounting profession, speaking globally to accountancy audiences about a range of topics and acting as an ambassador for small businesses.

Key takeaways from the whole interview include:

➤ The challenge for accounting firms of integrating business development to revenue ‘in the bank’

➤ The journey accountants go through in choosing the right software for certain jobs in their practice

➤ What one piece of simple functionality prompted a switch from a highly rated competitor to Practice Ignition

➤ What an influencer role as Head of Accountancy involves when working for a software vendor

➤ What 3 questions to ask in taking on an influencer/ambassador role for a company

➤ Describing the Practice Ignition brand in the international fintech world

➤ What Practice Ignition does for accountants, from first impressions before advanced funtionality

➤ The 2 major benefits to an accounting firm of using Practice Ignition

➤ Defining true practice management for accountancy firms

➤ How the right software can enhance the client experience for accounting professionals

➤ Explaining why GoProposal and Practice Ignition are 2 very different products

➤ What questions accountants should ask when choosing software to support their practice

➤ The importance of adoption and integration when bringing software into accountancy firms

➤ When makes a successful software implementation with staff in accounting practices

➤ When software vendors become more concerned with sales to accounting firms rather than usage of their products

➤ 3 challenges or red flags an accounting firm may be experiencing to warrant a conversation with Carl Reader

➤ What is coming up for the accounting profession with tech in the next few years


This is a condensed highlights version of the full interview (usually 20-30 mins long), which you can catch as a bonus UNCUT episode at the weekend.

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