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Client Experience 2.0 for Accounting Firms with Alison Ball

Episode 15. In today’s interview, “Client Experience 2.0 for Accounting Firms with Alison Ball.”

Alison Ball is the Director of Marketing and Influencer Strategy for Liscio which helps firms differentiate themselves by providing Client Experience 2.0TM to their clients. How do you make exchanging sensitive data and information with your clients delightful, trackable, and transparent across team members? Liscio does that just – everything in one place and designed from the ground up to be secure, mobile, and delightfully easy to use for clients and for staff. Before joining Liscio, Alison spent 15 years leading accountant influencer programs at Intuit.

This interview was recorded earlier in 2021 and revisited here due to its high relevance to the accounting profession. Key takeaways from this episode include:

◆ what a career helping accountants and bookkeepers be more successful looks like

◆ why the accounting and fintech world is such a good place to be right now and a great career to go into

◆ the shocking percentage of US CPAs that are over retirement age, and probably the same in the UK and other countries

◆ how accountants and CPAs have coped generally with the pandemic and what has been especially challenging

◆ link to Alison’s LinkedIn article on how accountants and bookkeepers can help their small business clients navigate through covid

◆ where accountants have more opportunities as a result of challenges their small business clients are facing

◆ the key things thriving accountancy firms do really well that struggling practices do not

◆ the three reasons why email has been such a drain for accounting professionals and their clients in the pandemic

◆ how Liscio coined the term “client experience 2.0” and what it means for accounting and CPA firms

◆ defining “client experience 1.0 and 1.5” and the three ways things have changed for accountancy practices

◆ the benefits for accountants and bookkeepers of providing a better client experience

◆ the critical ways remote working has affected the way CPAs and accountants in practice in servicing their clients

◆ how an accountant can know when they are giving their clients too many choices to communicate and control service

◆ questions an accounting firm can ask to help them decide what level of experience they are offering clients

◆ the key ways the accountancy experience for clients is inferior to the banking experience

◆ critical steps accounting practice can take to upgrade their client experience, both with mindset and with process

◆ how accountants can help their clients articulate what a great experience and good service looks like

◆ a checklist for CPAs and accountants to ensure their technology and processes are client friendly and effective

◆ the percentage of the world’s population that is under 25 years old, and why they will not tolerate poor technology from accountants

◆ the keys for accountants and CPAs to be successful in the coming year (reference 2021 but equally applicable to 2022 and beyond)

In her spare time, Alison grows amazing backyard vegetables and loves hiking in the San Francisco Bay Area. She believes that life is too short to spend it with mean people, and any day she can help someone else be successful is a good day indeed. Contact her here:

Website and blog

How Accountants and Bookkeepers can help their Small Business Clients Navigate through COVID-19 published on LinkedIn by Alison Ball March 2020


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