Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Client Relationship Management (CRM) Tips for Accountants

Simon Leek on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

Simon Leek was an early adopter of CRM methodologies and worked for 25yrs consulting on sales & marketing processes, techniques and supporting technology. For the last 9yrs he has worked exclusively with accountancy practices to help make accountants lives easier through automation of repetitive processes and harnessing the data that exists in practice management with the firms marketing activity.

He made a lifestyle choice in 2006 and moved to Cornwall, setting up FibreCRM Limited to provide CRM services to local companies. As the business grew we started to focus exclusively on accountancy firms and in 2019 with 50+ firms using our CRM software we secured £¾ million investment to expand the team and help develop new technology. Shownotes:

  • The rules and typical timescales for bringing a CRM into your accounting firm
  • Critical success factors for accounting firms when implementing CRM
  • Why a dedicated CRM manager is vital for accounting firms ‘on the ground’
  • The role that culture plays in successful adoption of a CRM system in an accounting firm
  • The key difference between compliance and advisory work for accountants when it comes to CRM
  • How CRM helps accountants deliver and sell more advisory services
  • The power of an upsell cross-sell matrix and gap analysis given by an accounting firm CRM
  • What the CRM of the future will look like for accountants
  • A relationship tree of ‘who knows who’ in accounting firms helps internal referrals and cross-sales
  • Why smaller accounting firms have a bigger CRM challenge than larger ones
  • It’s a bad idea for accounting firms to build or invest in their own bespoke CRM

Simon Leek on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob BrownSimon loves motorsport. He is a dad mechanic, helping his son, Joe, compete in kart racing. Joe is SouthWest champion for 2019, though Simon admits his CRM skills far exceed his ability to fix a broken go-kart! He is also a keen boating enthusiast and lives on the coast in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. Contact Simon below:

Phone: (44) 203 598 0898