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Differentiate an Accounting Firm Through Your People

Humanizing accountants, valuing employee experience, embracing individuality, fostering work-life balance, talent retention, and differentiation in firms.

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John Garrett, the guest on this episode, emphasizes the importance of recognizing accountants as whole individuals beyond their job titles. He encourages firms to celebrate and shine a light on the hobbies, passions, and other dimensions of their employees, acknowledging that people are more than just their work. Creating a workplace that values the worker as much as the work is key to attracting and retaining talent. John emphasizes the need to focus on the human side of individuals and build deeper relationships based on their unique interests and qualities. By embracing their individuality, accounting firms can differentiate themselves and create a more fulfilling work experience for their employees.

Guest Bio

John Garrett is a thought provoker, author, and CPA who champions the human side of professionals. He consults with organizations to create better workplaces and develop productive cultures. With a background in stand-up comedy, he brings humor and insights to his work. John is an award-winning author, two-time Emmy nominee, and has performed on over 2,000 stages. He currently resides in Denver and is a college football fan. Connect with him on Twitter at @The_JohnGarrett and check out his website at Named Top100 Most Influential by Accounting Today.


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