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Employer Brand Wins for Accounting Firms: Trisha Daho

Discover the importance of culture building, leadership development, and employer branding in accounting firms to improve growth with Trisha Daho.


The episode of the Accounting Influencers Podcast hosted by Rob Brown features Trisha Daho, who talks about culture building, talent acquisition and retention in accounting firms.

Trisha explains that firms are struggling to find conventional talent to fill the needs of their growing businesses, and high performers are leaving early because they need to see the accounting space as an innovative career path. To address this, firms must create a culture of inclusion that provides a custom experience for each employee. They also need to develop an employer brand that is compelling, authentic, differentiated, and feeds into the client brand.

Firms must intentionally discover what makes them unique and different and what compels people to stick around. Firms must align their vision with their employees’ personal visions to create a sense of purpose and meaning and focus on the onboarding experience to appeal to various people. To retain highly motivated employees, firms need to measure the impact of their leaders on their people and create a culture of open communication and mentorship that fosters growth and development.


Guest Bio

Trisha Daho is a former Big 4 Accounting and Advisory partner turned into a culture, talent, and DEI expert. She founded Empowered, partnering with leadership teams to create sustainable and measurable people results. With laser-focused strategies, she built thriving practices in four regions and created growth businesses that have expanded exponentially. Trisha writes and speaks regularly on authenticity in leadership, creating growth cultures, diversity and inclusion, and more. She is also a kickboxing instructor, dog fosterer, and avid traveller.