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Employer Branding & Mental Wellbeing in Accounting

In today's practical episode, we look at the reasons why CPA and accountancy practices must prioritise employee wellbeing and mental health.

Episode 124. In today’s practical episode, “Employer Branding & Mental Wellbeing in Accounting.” In these segments, we pick out key trends and events in accounting and fintech media and analyse/interpret them for accountants in practice.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

▶ what employer brand means for accounting firms and why it is important with today’s war for talent

▶ where an accounting firm’s employer brand shows itself publicly

▶ the problems for accountants in trying to shape culture, sell and communicate ‘at distance’

▶ the reasons why CPA and accountancy practices must prioritise employee wellbeing and mental health

▶ comments on the ICAEW report saying workplace wellbeing is an area the accounting profession is failing on

▶ comparisons of the accounting world to competitive sports in the welfare and care of athletes and employees

▶ quoting on how employees are much more likely to recommend their employer if they support mental wellbeing

▶ why accounting practice employer brand is so much more than initiatives and rhetoric

▶ how greater staff retention affects future recruitment for accounting firms

▶ the need for different approaches to different people when supporting staff in your accounting firm

▶ considering what ‘going the extra mile’ looks like for people who work in accountancy firms

▶ wellness strategies for accounting firms and the benefits of putting mental health first for productivity and profits

▶ why nobody has life all sorted, so thinking everyone in your accounting firm is okay is a mistake

▶ the need for metrics and measurement to keep a handle on accounting firm employees mental health and wellbeing

▶ why investing in training for leaders, managers and bosses helps retention of talent in accounting

▶ why diagnosis and aware of the stress triggers and signals are a feature of good wellbeing support in accountancy

▶ the importance of self-care and self-recognition of stress, overload and mental pressure for accounting leaders and managers


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