Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Event Review: Accounting For Your Future Conference

Discover key takeaways from the event on Accounting For Your Future Conference: embracing change, articulating value, and collaboration.

In this special bonus episode of the Accounting Influencers Podcast, host Rob Brown is joined by Vipul Sheth, Paul Shrimpling, Aynsley Damery, and Dermot Hamblin to discuss their recent event focused on the future of accounting firms. The event aimed to provide ideas and insights to keep accounting firms at the forefront of the industry. The speakers covered diverse topics, and the event attracted a diverse audience from the larger accounting firms in the UK. Discussions revolved around creating sustainable and prosperous firms, addressing talent shortage challenges, and effectively managing technology adoption.

Key takeaways from the event included the importance of challenging the status quo and embracing change, engaging and sharing best practices among industry professionals, and the need to articulate the value of services to clients beyond pricing conversations. Attendees were receptive and eager to explore new ideas and strategies for their firms’ future success. The event fostered meaningful conversations and encouraged collaboration among accounting professionals.

Guest Bios

Vipul Sheth, Paul Shrimpling, Dermot Hamblin, and Aynsley Damery are renowned industry leaders who recently attended and reviewed the esteemed “Accounting For Your Future” conference hosted by Advance Track Outsourcing. Held on 9th May 2023 at the iconic British Museum in London, this conference provided invaluable insights into shaping the future of accounting. With a focus on adaptability and leveraging technology for optimal efficiency, these experts recognize the crucial role of passing on their learnings to help clients envision a promising future. Emphasizing the unwavering support of the accounting industry, Vipul, Paul, Dermot, and Aynsley are dedicated to guiding clients through challenging times and ensuring their long-term success.