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Event Special – Accountex 2023 Live Interviews Pt7

This episode features FYI software team discussing their engaging experience, product passion, and strategic UK market approach.

In this Accounting Influencers Podcast episode at Accountex 2023, Rob Brown interviews the FYI software team. They discuss their busy and engaging experience at the event, their passion for the product and its continuous development, and their strategic approach to penetrating the UK market. The FYI team emphasizes the importance of building relationships with clients, their focus on onboarding and data migration, and their commitment to delivering value and improving practices for accountants.

Guest Bio

FYI is a dynamic and forward-thinking business that has been dedicated to revolutionizing document management and process automation for accountants since 2016. With a strong focus on cloud-based technology and advanced productivity tools, FYI strives to deliver unparalleled efficiency to accountants worldwide. Based in the East End of Adelaide, South Australia, FYI operates with a growing team that works remotely across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Passionate about innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions, FYI is committed to transforming the way accountants work and streamline their operations.

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