Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Event Special – Accountex 2023 Live Interviews Pt8

Growth insights at Accountex 2023 with IRIS. Discover the future of accounting, talent gap challenges, cloud adoption, and strategic partnerships.

Join us as we chat with Steve Cox and the IRIS team about the exciting developments at Accountex 2023. Discover how IRIS is taking the lead in providing answers and solutions for accountants. From the expansion of the event to the impressive IRIS stand, it’s clear that Accountex is the place to be. As head of Insights, Steve shares valuable insights into the future of the accounting and bookkeeping profession. He discusses the talent gap, the evolving role of bookkeepers, and the increasing adoption of cloud technology. Steve also highlights the importance of clear messaging and the challenges accountants face in navigating the abundance of options. We then hear from Karen Williams, the interim managing director of IRIS’ accountancy division, who emphasizes the significance of strategic partnerships and the focus on providing customers with a seamless transition to the cloud. Lastly, we dive into the revolutionary IRIS Elements platform with JP and Emma. They discuss the customizable nature of Elements, catering to accountants at different stages of their cloud journey.

Guest Bio

IRIS is a leading provider of software and services that drive efficiency and improve business processes, ultimately transforming the way people work. Their comprehensive solutions cater to professionals in accountancy, education, payroll, HR, and finance, helping them tackle crucial operational challenges. Whether it’s ensuring accurate tax submissions, facilitating timely payments, enhancing work experiences, or fostering effective communication with schools, IRIS empowers its customers to save time, money, and effort, while achieving accuracy on the first attempt. With a history spanning 45 years, IRIS has grown to become a trusted partner for over 100,000 customers in 135 countries, serving diverse industries such as accountancy, education, and business´╗┐