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Bonus Full Interview: Zoe Lacey Cooper (Head of CPD Store at OmniPro)

On today’s deep dive bonus episode, Martin Bissett of the Accountants Influencers Podcast interviews Zoe Lacey Cooper (Head of CPD Store at OmniPro) on accounting-fintech events and CPD-CPE.

Zoe is the Managing Director for CPDStore (part of OmniPro) who offer core technical online CPD training. Prior to that was the Portfolio Director on the Accountex exhibitions and virtual summits. She has extensive knowledge within the global accountancy ecosystem, working closely with top accounting influencers, accounting associations and the leading technology providers. As well as working within media and events for over 21 years. Zoe is a regular contributor to numerous webinars, blogs, interviews and a judge on numerous accountancy awards. She was recently recognised as one of Top 50 Women in Accounting. Zoe brings a different perspective to her interviews, utilising her “outsider” perspective and experience within the accounting profession.  

When not working, Zoe is a proud mummy of girls age 2 and 6. She’s always been Interested in classic and modern motors. She loves a variety of music ranging from Bryan Adams to drum and base (it’s the best music to help focus on getting lots of tasks done). Her fave film is Mary Poppins and her secret passion has to be abstract art (love Romero Britto) and watching live ballet at the theatre.

Key shownotes from the whole interview include:

➤ The story behind the big move from Accountex events to CPD and CPE for accountants and CPAs

➤ The different perspective of an accounting and fintech events organiser versus the influencers, practitioners and vendors

➤ Shout out to Des O’Neill, founder of OmniPro, the biggest CPE and CPD provider for accountants in Ireland

➤ Observations on the accounting profession and the software tech vendors throughout the Covid pandemic

➤ Where we go next with accounting and fintech events with the virtual, the in-person and the hybrid

➤ What the real opportunities are for organisers of accounting and fintech events, exhibitions and conferences

➤ How a hybrid accounting and fintech events business model increases reach and scope for organisers

➤ Insights on the attitudes, content consumption behaviours and demographics of people who attend accounting/fintech events

➤ Why the accounting profession is further ahead with technology adoption than many other sectors

➤ Examples of helping people and what adds real value to business relationships

Zoe on LinkedIn:

Omnipro website:


This is a full-length interview (usually 20-30 mins long) from which the highlights show earlier in the week was taken. You can listen to this on a previous episode.

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