Accounting Influencers Roundtable


The Opening Up of Live Events in the Accounting & Fintech World

Episode 12. On today’s episode, Martin Bissett & Rob Brown of the Accountants Influencers Podcast discuss the importance of accounting and fintech events returning to ‘in person’ and live.

Key shownotes include:

➩ How much the accounting and fintech world have missed in person events due to Covid

➩ Whether we might return to how events, exhibitions and big conferences of pre-Covid times

➩ While many events have cancelled, most of the world’s biggest shows like Accountex and Engage will take place with thousands of attendees in 2022

➩ Why many software vendors and tech companies are putting marketing budget back into live accounting and fintech events

➩ The main factors that might prevent the return to previous levels of engagement for big face to face events

➩ The business case for hybrid or remote accounting and fintech events now that we’ve proved they can work

➩ How a long period of isolation will test the social skills of accounting and fintech professionals once they return to in person events

➩ How hybrid and remote events in accounting and fintech world have expanded geographical reach for companies and firms


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