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Female Leaders in Accounting: Francesca Lagerberg

Rob Brown interviews Francesca Lagerberg CEO of Baker Tilly International as part of a series with prominent and influential female leaders in accounting.

On behalf of the Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network (AIBN), this is the “Success in Accounting” show, going live every Monday. For our regular listeners, the original name Accounting Influencers has now moved from ‘one show with 6 episodes a week’ to ‘five shows a week, 1 episode a day’.

In this episode 10 of the brand new Success in Accounting podcast, we begin a series of deep dive interviews with prominent and influential female leaders in the accounting world.

We start with Francesca Lagerberg, the CEO of Baker Tilly International. She was appointed to the role on 1 June 2022 and is responsible for the network operations for Baker Tilly International, a top ten global accounting network, with member firms in over 140 territories. Francesca has 30 years of experience in professional services, including working in global networks, specialising in cross-border and international business support, with a focus on growth.

She has senior leadership experience in mid-market firms and began her career in a Big 4 firm. Her roles have also included Global head of tax, legal, risk, mergers and acquisitions and people & culture. She has led teams based around the world. She has also worked in industry and won awards in the fields of international accounting, private client work and professional lecturing.

She has frequently commented on TV, radio and in the press on global developments and the need for diversity of thinking, especially to encourage a broader range of people to take on senior roles and create an environment that helps support this aim. She has sat on several UK Government committees and played an active role in the work of the ICAEW and the CIOT.

Francesca is a qualified lawyer, chartered accountant and tax adviser. She lives in the south of England with her husband, three children and two dogs.

Listen to her share insights on the challenges and opportunities for women in accounting, leadership advice, being and searching for role models, finding career advocates and champions, making mistakes and what lessons get learned, the accounting profession at large, what separates the good accountants and firms from the great ones and much m


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