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Going From Digital Firm to Human Firm: Will Farnell

Discover how accounting firms can evolve beyond digital to become human-centric in this Accounting Influencers Podcast episode with Will Farnell.


In the Accounting Influencers Podcast episode, Rob Brown interviews Will Farnell, author of the new book, “The Human Firm.” The book focuses on how accounting firms can evolve beyond the digital firm into what Farnell calls the human firm. Farnell talks about his frustration with the lack of adoption by accounting firms of the opportunities provided by technology and the risk of becoming complacent and falling behind. He stresses the importance of horizon scanning and continuing to innovate.

Farnell sees the human firm as the next competitive advantage for accounting firms as technology becomes more widely available. The human element, such as empathy and emotional intelligence, cannot be automated and can provide a unique competitive advantage. Farnell discusses how accounting firms can create a compelling differentiator through their people by having the right culture, brand, and niche and by recruiting the best people.

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