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Guest Interview Highlights: Kevin Sharma (Director of Marketing at Doc.It)

Episode 18. On today’s episode of the Accounting Influencers Podcast, Rob Brown of the Accountants Influencers Podcast interviews Kevin Sharma of Doc.It on how accounting firms can increase efficiencies and performance.

Kevin is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Doc.It by IRIS. Over the past nine years, he has helped hundreds of accounting firms improve efficiency, data security and enhance their client services with Doc.It’s document management, workflow and web portal tools.

Kevin loves travelling, sports (Toronto Raptors), concerts and bakes cheesecakes as a side hustle. He also enjoys spending time with his family and 2 year old son.

Key shownotes from the whole interview include:

➜ What you learn from talking to thousands of accounting firms and the key questions accountants ask

➜ The curiosity factor – what drives accountants and CPAs to know what their peers are doing

➜ How signing online forms and digital data has moved so far for accountants and their clients

➜ Considerations for data security for clients of accountancy firms in a remote world

➜ The benefits to accounting firms and their clients to go paperless and in the cloud

➜ What will happen to desktop and paper based accountants who are unwilling or unable to go digital

➜ How technology helps accounting firms attract better talent

➜ Why apathy and complacency are the biggest competitors for fintech firms like Doc-It

➜ Lessons learned from a North American fintech company entering the UK accounting market

➜ How being acquired by a big fintech player like IRIS affects a smaller company like Doc-It

➜ An overview of the 4 core Doc-It products of document management, workflow. the web portal and the PDF editor

➜ How accountants are coping with overwhelming client demands and technology overload

➜ The average number of tech apps, systems and softwares the average accountancy firm runs

➜ Questions accountants should answer to strategically choose the right tech stack

➜ The problem of ‘over-promising’ with the accounting fintech vendor agendas

➜ The importance of education and adoption with fintech software and the need for support

➜ How Covid has changed the game in which accounting firms buy software and technology

➜ Where technology is going in the accounting world over coming years

➜ Advice to accountants and CPAs to help them make better tech decision in a busy world

➜ What will happen to the accounting firms who do not embrace the new tech in coming years

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