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Here’s What Works for Accountants & CPA on Generating Referral Business

Episode 54. In today’s practical episode, “Here’s What Works for Accountants & CPAs on Generating Referral Business”. With introductions, word of mouth and recommendations supposedly making up the main sources of new work for many accounting firms, we give you ways to generate more high quality referrals.

Key takeaways from today’s episode include:

》 A valuable case study of a US accounting practice who generated significant new referral business from 6 low level business clients

》 Three smart win-win options for accountants to offer those clients who cannot afford their fees

》 The danger for accountants and CPAs of relying on referrals as a primary source of new business

》 The key referral sources for accounting professionals and the importance of identifying them

》 Why accountants must be very clear on what kind of clients and work they want through referrals

》 Why a lack of plan or priority around referral generation makes accountants look stupid to their business clients


Every Thursday the show gives you a practical ‘here’s what works’ tips concerning a key challenge, need or strategy for accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers. Great to stay current and keep your skills topped up.

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