Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Here’s What Works for Accountants & CPAs on Telling Compelling Stories

Episode 59. In today’s practical episode, “Here’s What Works for Accountants & CPAs on Telling Compelling Stories”.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

▶ Busting some myths about what accountants and CPAs think their clients really want

▶ What doesn’t appear on the website of most accounting firms and accountancy practices

▶ The importance of evidence-based truth and why accountants should share the achievements of their clients

▶ Why it’s very hard to refute a story and how one accountancy firm has made this work for their website and market positioning

▶ What really makes a great client case study or testimonial for an accountant or CPA

▶ Why all accountants and accountancy firms have stories to tell but they do not use them properly

▶ What to include in stories and testimonials of happy accounting clients if you want more advisory, consulting and project work

▶ Why no prospects come to an accountant or CPA asking for advisory services

▶ The importance for accountants of using their client’s language and speaking in facts and outcomes rather than products and services

▶ What positioning the client as the hero of the story does for success-based testimonials for accounting firms.


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