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Here’s What Works for Accountants to Show Clients They Care

Episode 9. In today’s practical episode, Martin gets to the heart of client ethics and truly caring by sharing “Here’s What Works in Showing Clients You Are Interested.”

Key takeaways from this episode include:

》 the first thing potential new clients must be convinced of before they will work with a new accountant or CPA firm

》 how a business owner can spot insincerity a long way off, and what this looks like when they meet accounting professionals

》 the problem for accountants of using ‘I’m so busy’ as a badge of honor and why it turns off new clients

》 what attention, sincerity and interest of an accountant or CPA in a potential new client actually looks like

》 the importance for accountants of dedicating time to would-be and existing clients

》 pushing back on accountancy professionals who claim they are too busy to build relationships and talk to clients

》 the type of phone call CPAs and accountants rarely ever make to even their best clients


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