Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Here’s What Works In Not Giving Away Your Knowledge for Free

Episode 4. In today’s practical episode, Martin Bissett offers up real-world tips on “Here’s What Works in Goal Setting for Accountants.”

Key takeaways from this episode include:

>why giving away things for free is a taboo subject for accountants

>the kind of things professionals gift away for nothing and how it hurts them

>the flawed reasons accountants and CPAs justify giving away knowledge and resources for free

>how the value sharing conversation goes for accountants when giving away know-how for nothing

>better alternative phrases and scripts accountants can substitute to preserve their knowledge

>the importance of practising the handling of tough questions and situations for accountants

>asking whether accountants are acting as not for profits or charities by not having the confidence to charge for and position their expertise

>how accountants and CPAs can ensure their clients value their expertise and knowledge

>what stops accountants from handling their intellectual property in the right way


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