Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Here’s What Works on Lead Generation & Prospecting New Accounting Clients

Episode 34. In today’s news episode The Accountants Influencers Podcast with Rob Brown & Martin Bissett on what really works with prospecting and lead generation for accounting firms and CPAs.

Key takeaways include:

★ Why lead generation for accountants is a natural progression from marketing

★ How many accountants struggle to understand the differences between marketing, sales, prospecting, lead generation and business development

★ The major distinction between marketing and lead generation for accounting professionals

★ The importance of defining key metrics, growth targets and conversion rates for accountancy prospecting activities

★ How referrals lure accountants into thinking they’re good at business development and selling

★ The critical message accountants should be giving prospects to lure them from their existing advisors

★ What proactivity looks like if accountants want to generate new business opportunities, and why referrals are often too reactive

★ Why it’s just good business practice for accountants to know where their next clients, deals and sales are coming from

★ How accountants can build up a healthy pipeline of predictable new business opportunities

★ The critical difference between an accounting practice and an accounting business

★ How accountants can control the sales process by scheduling the next meeting during the current meeting

★ The dangers of being ignored or ‘ghosted’ for accounting work winners

★ Why accountants should never send a proposal or pitch document to potential new clients

★ The biggest mistake accountants make when talking to new prospects that scuppers the chances of getting a ‘yes’

★ The question accounting professionals should ask to ensure all decision makers are present in a sales meeting

★ Why so much new business for accounting firms is left to chance and what drives such complacency


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