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Here’s What Works on Marketing – Blue Print for Accounting Firm Success

Episode 29. In today’s news episode, the Accountants Influencers Podcast with Rob Brown & Martin Bissett on what really works with marketing for accounting professionals, CPAs and bookkeepers.

Key takeaways include:

➯ Accounting the new ‘here’s what works’ section of the show

➯ Proof of the practical, evidence-based advice you’ll be hearing

➯ How so-called influencers and experts have fooled accountants by making marketing complex

➯ The difference for accountants between doing marketing and understanding it so others can do it for you

➯ The 7 steps of a successful marketing strategy for accounting firms

➯ The critical difference between strategy and tactics for accountancy practices

➯ The fundamental starting point for any accounting firm marketing strategy

➯ The importance for accountants of having a strong message to start conversations

➯ The power of a defined target market or audience – thoughts on specialising or niching

➯ The various options accountants have for reaching their prospective clients

➯ Why accountants need ‘findability’ or discoverability’ so prospects can seek them out

➯ What role resources play in a successful marketing strategy for accounting firms

➯ Advice for accountants on setting metrics or measurements with a marketing campaign or strategy

➯ The missing step that many accountants forget if they want their marketing to generate results

➯ What accountants can do to grow if they do not have a marketing function

➯ A heads up for our next ‘here’s what works’ episode on lead generation for accountants


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