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Here’s What Works on Mental Resilience for Accounting Professionals and CPAs

Episode 74. In today’s practical episode, “Here’s What Works on Mental Resilience for Accounting Professionals and CPAs.”

Key takeaways from this episode include:

★ Why mental resilience for accountants is such a critical topic right now

★ The emergence of a new role in professional firms – the mental health first aider

★ How reframing one’s attitude is a building block of mental resilience for accountants and CPAs

★ The wisdom of not praying for less problems but praying for more skills to cope with those problems

★ How accountants can react better to situations and setbacks, particularly to things they cannot control

★ What professionals can learn from their mistakes and how it helps build mental strength

★ The importance of fun and laughter in any tough, demanding and serious job

★ The value of sharing experiences and vulnerabilities to develop a culture of openness, support, even though it is counter-intuitive

★ Why counting one’s blessings and being grateful for things can build mental toughness

★ Why accountants and CPAs do now have to be deadline chasers – there are alternatives

★ Why not all business is good business, not all clients are good clients and not all work is good work

★ How a lot of stress for accounting professionals comes from their own idea of what they are supposed to be and do


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