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Here’s What Works on Pricing – How Accountants Steal From Themselves

Episode 24. In today’s news episode, the Accountants Influencers Podcast with Rob Brown & Martin Bissett on what really works with pricing for accounting professionals, CPAs and bookkeepers.

Key shownotes from the whole interview include:

➩ What 23 years in the accounting profession as a consultant does for 1800 firms and the acquisition of almost £500m of new growth

➩ Two reasons why pricing is the number one topic that most accountants and CPAs struggle with

➩ Why any challenge to price results in an immediate climb-down for the majority of accountants

➩ The role of pricing behaviour, mindset and confidence in effective pricing for accountants and CPAs

➩ The power of asking questions for accountants before issuing prices to clients

➩ The psychology behind the phrase ‘people buy certainty’

➩ The only three prices accountants need for any kind of work, proposal or project they undertake

➩ The starting point for any price negotiation and why accountants need this first

➩ Why market conditions should never dictate what accountants and CPAs charge for their services

➩ How to factor in profitability and gross margin to any pricing calculations for accounting clients

➩ The ultimate price that requires the most guts, chutzpah and resolve for accounting professionals

➩ The rules for how these three prices work together so accountants can be confident in negotiations

➩ The golden rule for accountants in all pricing and value based conversations

➩ Two examples of value that accountants can receive in return for any pricing concessions


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