Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Here’s What Works on Upgrading Professional Skills for Accountants

Episode 44. In today’s practical episode of the Accountants Influencers Podcast with Rob Brown, discover the 5 critical skills accountants should be upgrading for more career options and better client value.

Key takeaways include:

➤ Why it’s important for accounting and fintech professionals to stay relevant and current

➤ What career capital is for accountants and why it leads to more employment choices

➤ Why mere technical skills and expertise alone is not guaranteed to get you promoted

➤ How technical skills give you the foundation for career progression and promotability

➤ Why being good is no longer good enough for many modern day employees

➤ The role commercial acumen or an entrepreneurial mindset builds career capital for accountants

➤ The one skill that, if absent, labels many accountants as mere number crunchers, order takers and bean counters

➤ What micro skills contribute to better people skills for accounting and fintech professionals

➤ Thoughts on how to build traditional communication skills in a remote or hybrid working environment

➤ The increasingly important role of technology skills that accountants must be fluent in

➤ The ultimate skill for accountancy professionals to add real value to their employers

➤ What your ability to win business for your firm does for your employment and promotion prospects in accounting


Every Thursday the show gives you a practical ‘here’s what works’ summary of a key challenge, need or strategy for accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers.

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