Accounting Influencers Roundtable


How Making Tax Digital Affects Accountants & Businesses Globally

Episode 17. On today’s episode of the Accounting Influencers Podcast, Martin & Rob discuss “How Making Tax Digital Affects Accountants & Businesses Globally.”

Key shownotes from the whole interview include:

➜ How the MTD initiative has taken over accounting firms in the UK

➜ The role of governments in collecting taxes in a more direct way from businesses

➜ How MTD and similar tax initiatives create compliance opportunities for accounting firms

➜ Less than 5% of companies are not set up for digital tax payments

➜ If accountants are not making their clients ready for MTD or its equivalent, then their competitors will

➜ Why MTD is the direction of travel for countries globally, and why accounting firms must be ready

➜ The implications for accounting firms who do not push the digital tax agenda with their clients

➜ How the speed of change is affecting businesses and the accountants who serve them

➜ Why the UK is the test case for many countries in forcing more frequent digital tax collection


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