Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Key Insights on Accounting from Chief Evangelist at IRIS

Steve Cox on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

Steve Cox is the Chief Evangelist at IRIS Software. Shownotes:

  • What a chief evangelist actually does in an accounting software company
  • How the accounting profession has changed over the last few years, and the impact technology is having on firms
  • Accountancy is in a healthy place because companies are increasingly reliant on the advice and expertise they provide
  • How IRIS is helping accountants and their clients in this time of huge technological change
  • The multiple meanings of profitability and the different ways it can be identified and improved
  • There should be no ‘data lags’ in a business – there is no excuses for an accountant not having the most up to date ‘real time’ data
  • Data can be overwhelming – it’s the accountants job to bring it to life and make it useful to clients
  • How EBITDA is the true metric of the profitability of a business, though it’s not just cash but how that’s invested
  • The key difference between cash and cash flow for a business, and how accountants can best improve their clients’ profitability
  • The biggest challenge for businesses and accounting firms when it comes to growth is recruiting enough of the right people to drive it
  • All accountants and business owners are on a learning curve, and must seek out the right knowledge and advice to succeed
  • The ‘one throat to choke’ approach for getting the best advice
  • How IRIS resource, support and train accountants to serve their clients optimally
  • Most people only know a quarter of the functionality of a piece of software
  • Compliance and automation bring efficiencies, but productivity is more strategic – it ensures you’re doing the right things
  • The 3 main hurdles that stop accounting firms and their business clients from being more productive
  • Accountants are just as much change agents as finance professionals in advising their clients
  • How IRIS help with automation of workflow, processes and tasks of their customers
  • What IRIS found out about their customers when giving out awards fot their individual successes
  • The secret to getting the most out of IRIS is coming to IRIS World, because it hits all the senses!
  • The joined up ecosystem and natural synergy of IRIS with education, HR and accountancy
  • The next wave of change coming up for the accounting world over the next few years, and how IRIS is staying one step ahead
  • The role of the accountant is going to change from number cruncher to data analyst and forensic scientist
  • Encouraging words for accountants in today’s rapidly changing world.

Steve Cox on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown